Sword of the New World

List of Leather Armor (Scout)

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Lvl Armor DEF DR Gender
68 Leather010 Esianan Tattoos 117  ?? Male
72 Leather006 Laranja e Preto 123  ??
80 Leather007 Rescue Suit 134  ??
84 Leather009 Capezzolo di Pericolo 140 21
84 Leather007 Rescue Suit 140 21
100 Leather009 Capezzolo di Pericolo 178 27
100 LeBlanc Le Blanc 178 27
Vet General002 Le Rouge 190 29

Crafted Edit

Lvl Superior Armor DEF DR Gender
84 Leather006 Elite Laranja e Preto 172 26

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