Level Name ATK ATK Rating Price
40 Gaiters001 Gaiters 58 10 V 2,880
44 Gaiters001 Gaiters 63 11 V 5,120
48 Gaiters001 Gaiters 67 12 V 8,000
52 Gaiters001 Gaiters 71 13 V 12,800
56 Gaiters001 Gaiters 75 14 V 21,600
60 Gaiters001 Gaiters 79 15 V 38,400

Crafted Edit

Level Name ATK ATK Rating

RobesCoatsLeather ArmorMetal Armor
DaggersSwordsSabresRapiersGreat SwordsPolearms
InstrumentsRodsStavesSpecial Bracelets
Bracelets of FireBracelets of IceBracelets of Lightning

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