Interface TreasureChest Daily

Daily Treasure Chest

These are the item sets you will see in the Daily Treasure Chest.

Receive One Item Edit

Monday's Items Amount
SoulCrystal Soul Crystal 10
Tuesday's Items Amount
Coupon004 Ancient Area Pass - 1 Day 1
Coupon005 Forgotten Area Pass 1
Wednesday's Items Amount
Potion Filler001 Triumph Filler 5
Potion AMBoost AMs Boost 3
Thursday's Items Amount
EnchantBoost Enchant Booster 10
Friday's Items Amount
Box01 Andre's Costume Box 5
Box01 Karjalain Box 5
Box01 Eyeglass Box 5
Saturday's Items Amount
Scroll Reb Reb Return Scroll 50
Scroll Coimbra Coimbra Return Scroll 50
Scroll Auch Auch Return Scroll 50
Sunday's Items Amount
Scroll Teleport Scroll 30
Potion Hermes Hermes Potion 50

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