Quest Series: Claude Baudez
Quest The Renowned Sword! Silver Baron
Quest Learning by Close Application! Claude Baudez
Quest Learning by Close Application! Claude Baudez II
Level: 60
Type: UPC Quest
Found: Claude Baudez
Require: Quest Learning by Close Application! Claude Baudez
Reward: 1x Card01 Claude Baudez Character Card
1x GreatSword004 Slayer (60)
1x Polearm007 Brandistock (60)
3x Polish Polish: Explorer

Summary Edit

  1. Collect the following at Dr. Torsche's Mansion, Savage Garden:
  2. Return to Claude Baudez.

Dialogue Edit


Claude: Ah! You brought the materials! Thanks, I'll take them.

You hand the materials to Claude Baudez.

Claude: Here we go again! *clang* *clang*

Claude: Wow! This is wonderful! Here, take it!

You have received the Slayer.

Claude: There are still materials left. I've grasped the basics now. Let me have another go! Watch closely now! *CLANG*

Claude: This is pretty good! In fact, it's excellent! Even I want to wield it. But, I'll give it to you. A promise is a promise!

You have received the Brandistock.

Claude: .... But, I can't possibly just hand this sword over to you! I can't do it! Please take my Character Card instead!

Claude: You get me in your Family, and I get to keep the sword! It's a win-win situation!

You have received a Claude Baudez Character Card.

You have received Polish: Explorer

Claude: Everything's settled then! Hahaha! I don't need any more materials! I have created the finest sword ever! A masterpiece! Now, I'm going to research while I travel around!

Claude: Oh, and thanks for all your help! I managed to craft so many different types of swords, and it's all because of you. Hahaha!

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