Lacquer5 Lacquer6

A lacquer used on a +5/+6 item before an Upgrading attempt that guarantees the item will not be destroyed if the Upgrading attempt is failed. Does not effect Veteran level items or above.

Lacquers come in different qualities (Lacquer +5: General, Lacquer +6: General, etc.) and are used to guarantee an item will not break during upgrading. The quality of Lacquer determines what level of item it is used on. When upgrading a +5 item to +6, you would use the Lacquer +5, not +6. Similarly, you should use Lacquer +6 if you are trying to upgrade from +6 to +7.

Several things to keep in mind:

  • While lacquers will prevent your item from breaking, if the upgrade does fail, the item will lose all previous upgrades.
  • "General" Lacquers will not work on Veteran-level items.
  • "Veteran" Lacquers will not work on any items below Veteran-level.
  • Enchantments will not be lost if the upgrade fails.
We just tested this right now. Any enchantments that were on the weapon/armor before upgrading will not be removed if the item strengthening fails, but the lacquer keeps the item from being destroyed. - K2-Kanillius (link to source)

Name Cost
Lacquer5 Lacquer +5: General 1,125 G
Lacquer6 Lacquer +6: General 1,250 G
Lacquer5 Lacquer +5: Veteran 1,500 G
Lacquer6 Lacquer +6: Veteran 1,875 G

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