King's Garden
King's Garden
Basic Info
Type: Explorable Area
Part of: none
Yellowmapicon Nimraldi Bridge

Yellowmapicon Cathari Falls


Common DropsEdit

Item Type
BulkCoal Bulk Coal Crafting Material
Quartz Quartz Mineral


Monster Level
Bison 20
Skullic Footman 19
Little Komodo 19
Lazim 22
Grizzly Bear 21
BOSS: Skeleton Leader  ??


Pioneering MemorialEdit

The pioneering memorial rewards 1 x Seal Seal of the Pioneer Level 2 and 1 x Card01 EXP Card eah time you complete one of the following hunts:

Monster Amount Level
Skullic Footman 70 17
Little Komodo 100 17
Brown Bison 50 18
Grizzly Bear 40 19

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