A box that contains one of Karjalain's accessory costumes.
Type Consumable
Found Bazaar
Trade Yes
Vendor Vis ???

After buying them, the Karjalain Boxes will be found in your Premium Item inventory. This item will drop one item on the ground after being used. The items it drops consist of the following:

There's a couple of different things you can do with your unwanted costumes. Hair Costumes can be sold on the Market. UPC Accessories and the Cockatrice Hat can only be traded to the Costume Collection Chest, resulting in random goodies. Back Costumes can either be traded to the Costume Collection Chest or turned into a temporary Blessed version by purchasing (with Vis Vis) a Temporary Costume Recipe.

These accessory boxes can be bought from the Premium Item Merchant in quantities of 10 and 20.

Contains One Item Edit

Stock Accessories
Hat016 Cockatrice Hat
Hair001 Terious Hair
Hair002 Gray Terious Hair
Hair011 Layered Shaggy Cut
Hair012 Gray Layered Shaggy Cut
Hair021 Shaggy Hair
Hair022 Black Shaggy Hair
Hair031 Volume Perm
Hair032 Brown Volume Perm
Hair041 Short Hair
Hair042 Brown Short Hair
Hair051 Plait
Hair052 Brown Plait
Hair061 Wavy Hairstyle
Hair062 White Wave Hair
Hair071 Brown Ponytail
Hair073 Violet Ponytail
Hair072 Clara Mago's Hair
Hair081 Dandy Slicked-Back
Hair082 Gray Magnum P.I. Wig
Hair092 Sheep-Horn Hair
Hair091 Gray Sheep Horn Wig
UPC Accessories
MBoma02 Afro Hair
Gracielo05 Bandana
Lisa02 Belly Dancer Hair
Calypso02 Byzantine Mask
RamTib04 Cat Mask
RamTib02 Fake Arrow
Lorch02 Goggles
Gracielo04 Headgear
Gracielo02 Natural Hair
Alejandro04 Octopus Scarf
RamTib03 Phobitan Cap
MBoma03 Red Face Paint
MBoma04 White Face Paint
Claude02 Wig For Look Young
Back Costumes
AngelWings Angel Wings
AngelWings Black Black Angel Wings
AngelWings White White Angel Wings
ChrysalisWings Chrysalis Wings
CrossedSwords Alighted Swords
Anchor Anchor
FlowerVase Flower Vase
IvoryBag Ivory Bag
JabberwockBack Jabberwock Armor
LeapingCrocBag Leaping Croc Bag
RedLunchBag Red Lunch Bag
Napsack Rucksack
SamFlag Yellow Samurai Flag (Yellow)
Sign Sign
TortoiseShell Tortoise's Shell
TreasureChest Treasure Chest

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