K2 Staff Edit

Here's a list of links to the K2 Staff profiles on the official Sword of the New World Forums.

  • Check their Profile if you're just looking for any new posts (recent Topics and Posts are listed at the top of their Profiles).
  • Check Topics or Posts if you're looking for older information - repeatedly using this function will disable your use of it for a couple of seconds to cut down on forum lag.

Profile Topics Posts Notes
K2-Alveron link link K2 Staff
K2-Adoncia link link K2 Staff
K2-Guinn link link K2 Staff
K2-Neume link link K2 Staff
K2Raiden link link K2 Staff
K2-Thor link link K2 Staff
K2-Raven link link Administrator

Ambassadors Edit

AM-Cresius Edit

Has engaged in events such as "Find the AM" on Orpesia.

Gallery Edit

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