Drag and drop colored stones onto the Jewel Crafter and receive a Jewel in return:

Colored Stone Jewels
Stone Blue Blue Rough-stone Jewel Tanzanite Tanzanite - Jewel
Jewel Turquoise Turquoise - Jewel
Jewel Zircon Zircon - Jewel
Stone Green Green Rough-stone Jewel Apatite Apatite - Jewel
Jewel Opal Opal - Jewel
Jewel Peridot Peridot - Jewel
Stone Red Red Rough-stone Jewel Bloodstone Bloodstone - Jewel
Jewel Garnet Garnet - Jewel
Jewel Spodumene Spodumene - Jewel
Stone Yellow Yellow Rough-stone Jewel Obsidian Obsidian - Jewel
Jewel Pearl Pearl - Jewel
Jewel Topaz Topaz - Jewel

  • Both the type and quality of Jewel received is random, however, Mysterious Powder Mysterious Powders or 200 Family Reputation can increase the chances of Good or High Quality Jewels.

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