Quest Series: Catherine
Quest Humans Need Food, Robots Need Otite!
Quest A Power Storage Device for Kamen
Quest A Mysterious Crimson Ribbon
Quest The Alchemist Torsche
Quest Catherine's Spine
Quest Open Your Eyes, Catherine
Quest It Is Best to Prepare for a Rainy Day
Quest A Plan to Revive Catherine!
Quest A Heart for Catherine!
Dr. Torsche's Grand Library
Level: 62+ (due to cluster of mobs)
Type: UPC "Catherine" Quest
Found: small room at G-5/6
Require: Complete "Open Your Eyes Catherine" quest.
Reward: x6 Experience Cards, x6 Explorer Polishes

Walkthrough Edit

1. Travel to Dr. Torsche's Mansion, Grand Library.

2. Fight your way through to the Butler's Quarters located in a small room at G-5/6.

3. Inside, talk to Kamen. Select any of the two available options for the same results. [key item: Catherine's Head]

4. Return to Dr. Torsche (F-4).

5. Select the option "Kamen wanted you to have this". [you give Catherine's Head]

Next Quest: "A Plan To Revive Catherine"

Dialogue Edit

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