Level: ???
Type: UPC Quest
Found: Najib Sharif
Require: Quest Otite Key
Reward: ???

Summary Edit

Requires completion of Otite Key quest series to enter Dr. Torsche's Mansion, Grand Library.

  1. Collect the following from Dr. Torsche's Mansion:

Dialogue Edit

Najib: Oh, welcome, my friends! You came just at the right time. I'm in trouble again. Thank Barken for you, you're such a blessing to me.

Najib: It's the trading business again. This time, I was asked to get Rococo style furniture manufactured in Illier. And I can't reject the order because it is from my homeland, Targa.

Najib: I didn't want it to be revealed that Targa, with its great technology, was interested in the crafts of Illier and Vespanola. Otherwise, I would surely have insisted that he order directly from Illier instead of from me.

Najib: Friends, have you ever been to the huge haunted mansion near the City of Auch? It is Dr. Torsche's Mansion.

Najib: I hear that the furniture of the house was manufactured in Illier. I think the mansion might be the only place in the New World that actually houses Illier's famous Rococo Furniture.

Najib: Please go to Dr. Torsche's Mansion and get me 30 pieces of Rococo Furniture and 30 Silver Candlesticks.

>Alright, I'll do it.

Najib: Whew. Thank you. Trading is more difficult than I thought.

Najib: If it's just a little damaged, it'll still be ok. But, if it's broken beyond repair, it cannot be sold. Please be careful not to drop it.

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