Quest Series: Idge Imbrulia
Quest An Old Armour
Quest Fanatic Mail
Quest The Lost Drawing
Quest Idge's Series
Quest Idge's Breast Plate
Level: 35
Type: UPC Quest
Found: Idge Imbrulia (NPC)
Require: Quest The Lost Drawing
Reward: 1x HatFighter007 Idge's Helmet
1x Gloves005 Idge's Gauntlets
1x Shoes005 Idge's Boots
3x Card01 EXP Card (30)
3x Polish Polish: Disciple

Summary Edit

  1. Receive the Pack01 Bellows from Idge Imbrulia.
  2. Collect the following:
  3. Use the Bonfire in Jezebel Glen to make 60x Pack01 Silver Bars
  4. Return to Idge Imbrulia.

Walkthrough Edit

If you hunt the monsters in the Order noted above, you will end up very close to the Bonfire in Jezebel Glen, which is located on one end of the Bridge you see as you come out of Nimraldi Bridge.

Dialogue Edit


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