Hungry Hungry Gracielo!
Hungry Hungry Gracielo!
Basic Info
NPC: Gracielo
Level: 20
Part of: UPC Quests
Reward: 3 x Polish Polish: Disciple


NOTE: Before starting this quest, be sure you have the items collected (see Summary) to save yourself time and running around.

1. Travel to Coimbra.

2. Talk to Gracielo at F-4, standing within view of the Warp Point.

3. Gracielo complains he is hungry. Give him the bread.

4. Gracielo complains he is thirsty. Give him the milk.

5. Gracielo complains he wants something sweet. Give him the chocolate.

  • The next quest, "Gracielo's Mission" is automatically given.


To complete this quest, you will need:

  • x1 Ferrucio Bread [18 vis] (Mary at F-11 in Queens Gate)
  • x1 Ferrucio Milk [60 vis] (Mary at F-11 in Queens Gate)
  • x1 Chocolate [200 vis] (Lisa in Coimbra)

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