There are lots of ways to help us expand and improve the Sword of the New World Wiki! This page is here to show you a few things you can get involved in to get you started.

Sword of the New World WikiEdit

This wikipedia aims to record everything in Sword of the New World (as released by Gamers First) – from Quests and Maps down to items and NPCs. Everything from Reboldeaux to Gigante Island! We aim to present this knowledge in an understandable and easily accessible format, and for the information to be accurate.

Make an accountEdit

Although you can edit and use the wikipedia without making an account, it may be worth your while taking five minutes to register with us. If you do so, then any edits you make to the wikipedia will be credited to you, and you will be added to the user list.

Learn wikicodeEdit

Wikipedias use different coding to normal HTML format pages. When you start to edit a page, there will be a help box on the left hand side giving you some basic wikicode tips.

Needs more detail about wikicode

Creating New ArticlesEdit

If you see that something is missing from the Sword of the New World wiki, don’t be afraid to dive in and make a new article about it! Even if this article isn’t perfect, the beauty of a wikipedia is that someone will always come along behind you and add more information, or change the formatting to suit the rest of the wikipedia.

Wanted PagesEdit

See the wanted pages list to see all the pages that have been linked to, but not yet created. They are order from the most popular (that is, most pages linked from) to least.

Expanding Article StubsEdit

A good way to get into wiki editing is to hunt down and expand any article stubs you find on the site. An article stub is one that doesn’t yet have enough information. All the stubs on this site are grouped on the page Category:Stubs.

Cleaning HouseEdit

The nature of a wikipedia means that one page may be edited by more than five people, all contributing their own information. This is a great strength for a website like this, but the side effect is often that the page ends up rather inconsistent.

Any pages on this wiki that need to be improved are listed under the Cleanup category. The information on these pages is usually very good, but they may have grammatical errors, be written in the wrong tense or from the wrong perspective, or may just need a little formatting.


By starting off small, becoming a copy editor and fixing articles, updating stubs or adding small pieces of information, you will contribute greatly to the wiki. One day soon you may find yourself taking on much bigger projects!

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