Horn of the Gold-Horned Gargoyle
Horn of the Gold-Horned Gargoyle
Basic Info
NPC: Brunie Etienne
Level: 32
Part of: UPC Quests
Reward: 3 x Card01 EXP Card lv. 30

3 x Polish Polish: Novice

Brunie's Card01 Character Card


  • Speak to Brunie and agree to help her
  • Travel to the WHERE ?!! , and in the small room to the south of the map, you will find the door to Avernus Road. Enter it.
  • Run to the end of the map, stopping to heal, and defeat the boss there
  • Return to Brunie for your reward


This quest is very hard at lower levels, but has been completed at level 35 using a team of a Healing Scout, a Musketeer, and an Elementalist.

You are on a countdown, so don't dawdle. First, run right to the end of the dungeon, healing whenever necessary. The Accelerando Accelerando and Meditativo Meditativo buffs can be very useful for this stage. When you reach the last room, have one final heal and clear any mobs that have chased you so far.

Then enter the room, and pull the Boss to a corner, where you won't attract the aggro of too many mobs. Hit him and any monsters surrounding him with the hardest hitting skills you have. In the test team, Fire Evocation Evocation Fire was used by the elementalist, using Infernal Flames Infernal Flames to clear surrounding mobs, and Hell Breath Hell Breath to damage the Boss. The Musketeer applied Concentration Concentration and Westraid Westraid, and just attacked the boss.

With a good Healing Scout and a little patience, this isn't too difficult. If your characters are finding it tough surviving, try overleveling a little first to give yourself a little more defense and HP.

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