A finely chiselled gem with lush color and glowing luminance. Used as an accessory by nobles.

Tradeable Yes
Crafter Mia Karjalain
Found Precious Metals Merchant
Cost Vis 5,000,000
Vendors Vis ???

Crafting Edit

Amount Crafted From
3 Sapphire03 Sapphire
20 Potion Filler002 Solvent
3 Potion Filler001 Triumph Filler
5 ManaStone Mana Stone
Amount Used To Craft Level Type
3 Craft Seeds of Rafflesia --- Material
2 Coat004 Elite Graciegote 84 Coat
2 Coat006 Elite Striform 84 Coat
2 Leather006 Elite Laranja e Preto 84 Leather Armor

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