Gracielo's Mission
Gracielo's Mission
Basic Info
NPC: Camille
Level: 25
Part of: UPC Quests
Reward: 3 x Card01 EXP Card lvl 40

3 x Polish Polish: Novice

3 x Polish Polish: Disciple

Gracielo's Card01 Character Card


1. Travel to Coimbra and talk to Gracielo at F-4 (visible from the warp point)

2. Go to J-7 and talk to Camille.

3. Agree to help her and you will be instantly teleported to fight Gracielo.

4. Defeat Gracielo within 3 minutes. The timer will be ticking!

5. Upon exiting, speak with Camille.

6. Return to Gracielo (F-4).

Battle StrategyEdit

NOTE: Upon receiving Gracielo's (level 40) Character Card, you may begin his quests. If you choose to immediately complete the entire series of quests, you will need approximately 80 Health Fillers which can be purchased from Emilia Giannino (I-7) and about 8 hours of playing time.

To defeat Gracielo you will need:

  • Approximately 10 Health Fillers. Use them rapidly when HP falls to 50%.
  • Bring a character who has knockback skills.
  • Include a Scout for his/her healing and bard skills.

Following QuestEdit

Quest Coimbra Showdown

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