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Gold is a special currency in Sword of the New World. It can only be acquired by purchasing from Gamers First, or G1, using real money.

G1 Credits are bought with U.S. Dollars at a fixed rate of every $5.00 = 400 G1 Credits. Buying larger sums of gold, however, results in more Gold per Dollar/Credit. As an example, buying the $40.00 Gold package results in 25% more Gold than buying $10.00 Gold packages four times.

Gold Save
$5.00 400 500 G 0%
$10.00 800 1,000 G 0%
$15.00 1,200 --- ---
$20.00 1,600 2,200 G 10%
$25.00 2,000 --- ---
$30.00 2,400 3,500 G 16%
$40.00 3,200 5,000 G 25%

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