File:Vegas Javier.png
Vegas Javier
Level: ???
Type: Mission
Found: Ekin, the Flower Girl
Reward: Random

Summary Edit

This is a single Mission to kill all three enemies.

Name Kill
Grassland Plain Phobitan Imp 40
Fiery Croc 30
Crimson Gargoyle 30

Rewards Edit

Dialogue Edit

Ekin: You guys are pioneers? I envy you. I've also dreamt of becoming an explorer. It's not too late? Haha. But now I have a goal to achieve. I aspire to fill Vegas Javier with flowers.

Ekin: Back in the old days, there was only a hideous type of black nettle in this field. Other plants withered or died very quickly. This green field was my father's work.

Ekin: Father made the land fertile enough for other plants. I used to dislike my father, but now I am so proud of him.

Ekin: I've now taken over his job. These flowers make the land more fertile. When this field is filled with flowers, we here at Vegas Javier will be able to explore other farming methods. Hehehe, I am an explorer in my own right!

Ekin: However, recently, monsters have been pulling out the flowers and trampling all over them. It's a major problem I have on my hands. If only somebody could get rid of those monsters.

Ekin: Ah, could you get rid of the monsters here?

>Alright, I'll do it.

Ekin: It would be fantastic if you could get rid of 40 Grassland Plain Phobitan Imps, 30 Fiery Crocs, and 30 Crimson Gargoyles. Hmmm.... a worthy reward? I'll think about it.

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