Quest Series: Karjalain
Quest Explorers Wear Andre
Quest For Tomorrow
The City of Auch
Level: ???
Type: UPC Quest
Found: Mia Karjalain (NPC)
Require: Quest Explorers Wear Andre
Reward: 1x Card01 Karjalain Character Card
3x Polish Polish: Disciple
Reputation +80

Summary Edit

  1. Talk to Mia Karjalain in the City of Auch.
  2. Fight and defeat her. (enemy stats)
  3. Talk to Mia Karjalain again.

Dialogue Edit

Andre Janzur: OH EM GEE!!!

Andre Janzur: Oh, I heard that there's a lady who was touched with my fabulous designs. Is she here? Bonjour, Mademoiselle!

Mia Karjalain: Who is this guy? Are you Andre Janzur for real?

Andre Janzur: Yes, I am he.... the elegant and fantazztic. The one who makes the dreamz to come true.... Andre Janzur. I see that you are so surprised, by my sheer presence, that you cannot even speak!

Mia Karjalain: You're what I have been aspiring to be? This, can't be real!

Andre Janzur: Oh?!?

Mia Karjalain: Back home in Illier, when I showed my designs, people would always say: 'This is not as stylish as Andre', 'They're nice, but they are no Andre', 'They will never be as popular as an Andre'.

Mia Karjalain: Now I see that they were stupid! Why do people imitate the designs of such a greasy man? Because you've stayed on the top for so long, there is no room for other designers!

Mia Karjalain: It is time for you to give me your seat now. First, give me your new Recipe! I will announce them as yours after I alter them and make them look like table cloths.

Mia Karjalain: Then, I will replace you as the new Queen of the fashion industry!

Andre Janzur: What?! You are no pure mademoiselle.... one that envys the life as a designer!

Andre Janzur: Do you think you can survive with such thoughts? I, the Magnificent Andre, will never see this happen!

Mia Karjalain: You're old and washed-up and it's time for your retirement! Hey, you! If you don't move out of the way, I will end you, along with this wannabe fop!

Andre Janzur: How rude! I am still young! Come, fight me and see!

Karjalain and Andre head to the park

Andre Janzur: Un, deux, trois! En Garde!

Mia Karjalain: Shut up!

Mia Karjalain: What do you know of the pain I felt as an unknown designer?!?

Mia Karjalain: I will win!

Mia Karjalain: I lost!

Andre Janzur: Huh?

Andre Janzur: Justice and Love always win!

Mia Karjalain: No! I lost! How could I?

Andre Janzur: Accept your defeat! A person who cannot accept defeat will never be able to prosper!

Andre Janzur: Your actions may have been wrong, but you are right about something.... I believe, I have been at the top for too long.

Mia Karjalain:  ???

Andre Janzur: From now on, I will train a successor! And it will be you!

Mia Karjalain: What? What are you talking about!?

Andre Janzur: You seem to have the attitude and the talent. Now, let's show the world elegance, TOGETHER!

Mia Karjalain: NNooooooooo!!!!!

You have received Polish: Disciple

Received Karjalain Character Card by force

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