FighterM 001

Fighter, Male

FighterF 001

Fighter, Female

Fighter M Fighter F Fighter - They fight on the front line and are capable of using a wide variety of weapons. A key component of any MCC or Squad. Fighters can use the exclusive skill Provoke.
Level 1
Innate Skill Provoke Provoke
Weapons Dagger002 Daggers
Sword001 Swords
Sabre005 Sabres
Rapier001 Rapiers
Blunt001 Blunt Weapons
Javelin001 Javelins
GreatSword001 Greatswords
Polearm002 Polearms
Pistol001 Pistols
Armor Metal002 Metal Armor
Leather002 Leather Armor
Shield003 Shields
Costumes List of Fighter Costumes

Stances Edit

Stance Main Hand Off Hand Level
Bareknuckle Bareknuckle --- --- start
Guard Back Back-Guard Sword/Blunt Shield¹ start
Guard High High-Guard Sword Shield 12
HackandSlash Hack and Slash Sword Sword 12
HeavenandHell Heaven and Hell Sword Pistol 40
Garde Epee Epee Garde Rapier --- 48
Garde Sabre Sabre Garde Rapier --- 48
Guard Middle Middle-Guard Sabre --- 12
Guard Low Low Guard Sabre --- Veteran
Guard Plow Plow-Guard Greatsword --- 24
Guard Roof Roof-Guard Greatsword --- 36
Sidewinder Sidewinder Greatsword --- Veteran
Cruz Blandir Blandir Cruz Polearm --- 24
Cruz Mighty Mighty Cruz Polearm --- Veteran
Escrima Escrima Dagger --- 1
Shot Freestyle Freestyle Shot Pistol --- 24
Shot DoubleGun Double-Gun Shot Pistol Pistol 36
Garde Advance Avant-Garde Rapier Pistol Veteran
TheDefender The Defender Blunt Shield Veteran
Guard Stave Stave Guard Javelin Shield¹ Veteran

¹This equipment is optional.

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