Fight an Opponent
Fight an Opponent
Basic Info
NPC: Menedez
Level: 1

Recommended: min lvl 25

Part of: NPC Quests
Reward: 3 x Card01 EXP Card lvl. 40

3 x Polish Polish: Disciple


  • Speak to Menedez in Reboldeaux. He will challenge you to fight against his melee soldiers
  • You will be teleported to an instance. Defeat 5 Melee Soldiers
  • Speak to Menedez again to claim your reward


There is a time limit on this challenge of 5 minutes, leaving you with a minute to defeat each soldier. Though this quest is available at level 1, it is almost impossible to complete at that point. Level up to get a good amount of HP and Defense, and level one stance so you have some good single-target skills.

At around level 25, this quest becomes much easier.

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