Quest Series: Idge Imbrulia
Quest An Old Armour
Quest Fanatic Mail
Quest The Lost Drawing
Quest Idge's Series
Quest Idge's Breast Plate
Level: 17
Type: UPC Quest
Found: Idge Imbrulia (NPC)
Require: Quest The Source of the Taint
Quest An Old Armour
Reward: 1x Leather011 Fanatic Suit
3x Card01 EXP Card (??)
3x Polish Polish: Novice

Summary Edit

  1. Collect the following from Al Quelt Moreza, Arcade:
    •  ??? from Fanatics, Heretics, and Frenzies.
  2. Return to Idge Imbrulia.

Dialogue Edit


where the hell do i find him???

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