Quest Series: Karjalain
Quest Explorers Wear Andre
Quest For Tomorrow
The City of Auch
Level: ???
Type: UPC Quest
Found: Mia Karjalain (NPC)
Reward: 3x Polish Polish: Disciple
Reputation +???

Summary Edit

  1. Talk to Mia Karjalain in The City of Auch.
    • Your party leader must be wearing level 84 Andre armor. Elite armor does NOT count.

Dialogue Edit

Karjalain: Wait. Your clothes, did Andre make them? Show them to me!

Karjalain: The perfect cut that makes the body come alive. The perfect stitch without a hitch. The quality that stands for the name.

Karjalain: Is the (Name) Family a close friend to Andre? To tell you the truth, I am a big fan of Andre. His clothes are the best!

Karjalain: The great Andre Janzur is my idol. I also tailor clothes and would love to meet him, someday. I heard that he is working on a new line these days.

Karjalain: (Name) Family, would you arrange a meeting with Andre for me? Am I asking too much? It's just.... if you have the ability to do that, it would be really cool.

Karjalain: .... And I will take down Andre and become the best designer in the New World!

You have received Polish: Disciple

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