Quest Series: Alejandro
Quest Escudo Pecher Hunt
Quest The Daemon of the Sea, Doby-Rick
Old Port of Coimbra
Level: 81
Type: UPC Quest
Found: Alejandro
Require: ???
Reward: 3x Card01 EXP Card (40)
3x Polish Polish: Disciple


  1. Collect the following:
  2. Return to Alejandro.

Walkthrough Edit

Be prepared to get annoyed. Escudo is a very rare spawn and you're just as likely to be waiting if you stay in one room as you will be moving throughout the zone. To make matters worse the Arm is not a guaranteed drop, so even if you kill 10 Escudos you may not necessarily receive 10 arms.

Another way to obtain the arms is to use the Trinity Level 2 Mission Lobbies and do them with a group. Escudo spawns in this mission and will drop arms more often than the normal spawn.

A tip I don't know if it'll work for others but it worked for me so kill the merman chieftain before killing the Escudo and most of the time you'll get the arm.

Edit: The Escudo quest has been changed in new patches. Now you are required to kill Escudo bosses in Old Port of Coimbra for the arms. Trinity Level 2 Mission Lobbies no longer have Escudos as a boss.

Dialogue Edit


Alejandro: Haha! You got them! 10 Escudo Pecher arms! Ole! These look just fine. If I freeze them well, they'll be potent weapons against Doby-Rick. Thank you! I appreciate it.

Alejandro: I'll give you this as a token of my appreciation.

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