Escudo Pecher's Attack
Escudo Pecher's Attack
Basic Info
NPC: Alejandro
Level: 24
Part of: UPC Quests
Reward: 3 x Card01 EXP Card lv. 20

3 x Polish Polish: Novice


  • Speak with Alejandro in Port of Coimbra and agree to help him
  • You will be teleported to an instance. Your aim is to defeat the boss at the end of the map
  • Once you have succeeded, you will be teleported back to Port of Coimbra. Talk to Alejandro again to receive your reward


When you arrive in the instanced map, don't bother fighting the monsters on your way to Escudo, it wastes time and they don't count towards victory. Just head to the red square on the minimap, and target Escudo Pecher. There aren't any worrying attacks to be aware of. Bring a few well levelled single target skills and you should find this very easy.


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