Glacier Epee
A complex stance that simultaneously uses a rapier and an Ice spell.
Type Combination
Level start
Main Hand Rapier001 Rapiers
Off Hand BraceletI002 Bracelets of Ice
Lvl Skill Points
1 Fente Fente 1
4 Chilling Touch Chilling Touch  ??
8 Absolute Zero Absolute Zero  ??
12 Balestra Fente Balestra Fente  ??
16 Cent-Ennui Cent-Ennui  ??

Classes Edit

Notes Edit

  • Base Attack: Two rapier strikes, with each strike hitting up to two enemies within melee range.
  • This stance combines three skills from Epee Garde with one skill from Possession Ice and Evocation Ice, each.
  • Double-clicking a Bracelet of Ice will not equip it. You must drag-and-drop it onto the Off Hand equipment slot.

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