NOTE: Gracielo must lead your party to receive this quest.


1. Enter Dr. Torsche's Mansion, Reception Hall

2. Fight your way towards wall-painted-door at E-3.

3. Click on the door to enter.

4. Talk to Roseanne, the Maid.

5. Choose the third option: "You have the ability to examine brains? Could you examine mine?"

*You will be instantly teleported to a room filled with about 80 Helena's with Roseanne standing in the middle of the large room.

6. Kill Roseanne to win.

7. Talk to Roseanne, the Maid upon exiting.


Upon going into this fight, there is no time to buff up. Your team appears surrounded by a swarm of Helena's instantly beating on you. Locating Roseanne in the mess of floating monsters is nearly impossible since they are all bunched together waiting to slaughter you. This IS no doubt a tough fight--unless Gracielo is level 58+.

If Gracielo is level 40-45 when you do this quest, it will prove to be the worst battle of all. I went in with Gracielo (42), Scout (70), and Helena (70)--and only Helena survived with 43% HP. If it werent for Helena's can of whoop arse (summon Frost), Helena would have died too. Good grief, i'm glad thats over.

Following QuestEdit

NONE! Gracielo's Questline is complete!

Added June 13, 2010

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