Increased the character's EXP. This disables the item's trade, sales and discard functions.
Type Consumable (???)
Found Quests
Trade No
Vendor Vis ???

Notes Edit

EXP Cards are typically rewarded after completing quests, including Pioneering Memorial Quests. Using them will reward the amount of EXP listed on the card to the currently selected character. All of these cards have minimum level requirements.

Level Low EXP High EXP
Card01 EXP Card (1)  ???  ???
Card01 EXP Card (10)  ???  ???
Card01 EXP Card (20)  ???  ???
Card01 EXP Card (30) ???  21,600
Card01 EXP Card (40) 17,600 23,000
Card01 EXP Card (50) 29,200 31,400
Card01 EXP Card (60) 41,000 43,600
Card01 EXP Card (70) 52,000 55,000
Card01 EXP Card (80) 67,000 67,000
Card01 EXP Card (90) 96,000 96,000

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