Dragon Kick
A fiery series of kicks that knocks the enemy down.
Stance MartialElements Wind Martial Elements: Wind
Type Line AoE
Target Up to 6 enemies within 7.2m, 0.6m radius
Delay instant
Recharge 15 seconds
Uses 250 SP
Knockback 7m
Rank 8 ATK 590%
Rank 9 ATK 622%
Rank 10 ATK 655%
Rank 11 ATK 688%
Rank 12 ATK 721%
  • Dragon Kick is a Line AoE that sends the user to the other end (7.2m away). It can be used to quickly close the distance between the user and the target to follow up with another skill. Note that even if the target is out of the 7.2m range, the skill will still perform, and misses.

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