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Deon is a smith based in Reboldeaux, who can undertake a variety of smithing duties.

Make Mineral ItemEdit

Deon can transform your Mineral Ores into Refined or even Pure Minerals. To make things easier, Deon offers to make as many refined or pure minerals as he can, depending on the ingredients in your inventory. Or you can choose to just make one.

To refine a mineral, you need 4 of that mineral's ore in your inventory. For example, four Talt Talts can combine to make one Talt Refined Talt.

To make a pure mineral, you need 3 of the refined mineral in your inventory. For example, three Ionium Refined Ionium will combine to make one Ionium Pure Ionium.

Make Metal ItemEdit

Deon can also craft metals from the items in your inventory. The recipes are below.

Metal to be Made Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
SteelPiece Steel Piece 1 x IronPiece Iron Piece 1 x BulkCoal Bulk Coal
CompositeSteel Composite Steel 5 x SteelPiece Steel Piece 1 x BulkCoal Bulk Coal
CastIron Cast Iron 4 x SteelPiece Steel Piece 1 x CopperPiece Copper Piece

Recipes for SaleEdit

Deon sells many recipes for low-level weapons, which can be crafted by a variety of NPCs.

Manufacturing Items for SaleEdit

Item Price
CompositeSteel Composite Steel 58,000 Vis
CastIron Cast Iron 42,000 Vis

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