Defeat the Shadow of Dios Lantem
Defeat the Shadow of Dios Lantem
Basic Info
NPC: Sir Lyndon
Level: Recommended lvl. 14
Part of: Pioneering Quests
Reward: Scroll Reb Reb Return Scroll

3 x Polish Polish: Initiate

Lyndon's Letter of Recommendation


  1. Travel to Al Quelt Moreza, Parsonage and defeat one of the Siegmunds which lurk in the rooms there
  2. After he is defeated, Dios Lantem will appear. Defeat him
  3. Return to Lyndon for your reward



Al Quelt Moreza Siegmund

The Shadow of Dios Lantem will appear when you kill a Siegmund. They spawn in certain rooms of the Parsonage. For a detailed map go to Al Quelt Moreza, Parsonage.

For lower levels this can be quite difficult. Don't be too proud to over-level yourself in the Narthex first if you're not sure if you're strong enough. When you come to defeat Lantem, target him only by clicking on him, rather than trying in normal defend mode. There will be other enemies around and its best to focus firepower on him rather than let him decimate you with his attacks.


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