The Costume Collection Chest can be found in all major cities, often near the city's Waypoint. This Chest is used to dispose of costumes that cannot be "Dropped, Traded or Sold". Using it to destroy costumes comes with a benefit, too. Every costume you put in it will give you one random item, sometimes even an Box01 Andre's Costume Box.

The way it functions is a little different from most things, but far simpler. Just drag and drop the unused item directly onto the chest - there are no windows or such involved. Return gifts will be directly deposited into your Premium Item Inventory.

Receive One Item Edit

Item Amount
Box01 Andre's Costume Box 1
Potion HealthRegen Health Regen Potion 1-2
Potion SoulRegen Soul Regen Potion 1-2
Potion AMBoost AMs Boost 1
Potion Boost Boost Potion 1
Potion Hermes Hermes Potion 1-2
SoulCrystal Soul Crystal 1
EnchantBoost Enchant Booster 1
Potion Filler001 Triumph Filler 1
Scroll Coimbra Coimbra Return Scroll 1-2
Scroll Auch Auch Return Scroll 1-2
Scroll Teleport Scroll 1-2

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