Costumes are special equipment that have a separate equipment slot from your normal armor. By donning a costume, your visual appearance will be overwritten by it. For instance, if you prefer the default look of your character, but want to keep the high defense or modifiers of your current armor, you can don a costume that provides the visual appearance you desire, without hindering your ability to fight.

Costumes can be acquired through multiple methods, to include crafting or purchasing them from Andre Janzur, buying them off of the Market, finding them in Box01 Karjalain Boxes, Box01 Eyeglass Boxes and Box01 Andre's Costume Boxes from the Premium Item Merchant, or buying them directly from the Premium Item Merchant.

  • 1: Hat/Hair Costume
  • 2: Facial Costume
  • 3: Back Costume
  • 4: Body Costume

Stock Costumes Edit

These costumes can be crafted with recipes sold by Andre Janzur, found inside Box01 Andre's Costume Boxes (which are all tradeable, which means they can be bought with Vis Vis from the Market), or bought with Gold from the Premium Item Merchant.

All of these costumes can only be used with the five Stock Classes, not UPC Classes.

Accessories Edit

Accessories come in a few different forms: Hats, Hair and Glasses. Many have Class, Sex, and even Level restrictions, and none can be worn by Unique Player Characters. Collecting all of these costumes can be very expensive, as many of the items listed can only be found from Bazaar consumables (Andre/Karjalain/Eyeglass Boxes), and the tradable items can carry Market price tags from hundreds of thousands to over a million Vis.

Hats: Many of the hats can be bought directly from Andre Janzur with Vis. Others are drops from Box01 Andre's Costume Boxes or rewards from various quests and missions, of which only a few can be traded or sold on the Market.

Hair: The hair styles for stock characters are dropped from Box01 Karjalain Boxes, but can be traded amongst players and found on the Market.

Glasses: Glasses and Sunglasses are acquired solely from Box01 Eyeglass Boxes, as they cannot be traded amongst players.

UPC Costumes Edit

UPC Costumes are bought directly from the Premium Item Merchant using Gold. These costumes can only be worn by a specific UPC, so be sure to pick the right one. They cannot be traded.

UPC Accessories Edit

UPC Accessories come in two types: "Hat" and "Facial". The main difference is that they have their own slots, so two "Facial" Accessories cannot be worn at the same time. Accessories can be found inside Box01 Andre's Costume Boxes and Box01 Karjalain Boxes. These items are specific to each UPC and come in various forms. Also, none of them are tradeable.

Back Costumes Edit

Back Costumes are unique in that any character can equip them, Stock and UPC. These are often found in Box01 Karjalain Boxes as permanent costume items, but also come in the form of temporary costume items.

The temporary back costumes are split into two types: Premium Item costumes (called Blessed) and Crafted costumes, both of which come with special enchantments. The Premium Item costumes can be bought individually from the Premium Item Merchant, or bundled with a special Premium Pack.

If you find yourself with spare Permanent costumes, you can turn one into a Crafted costume of the same type, using a recipe bought from the Temporary Costume Merchant. It essentially turns your existing costume into a weaker Blessed version that comes with only one enchantment, but can be made in 7 and 15 day varieties. These recipes are bought with Vis Vis, not Gold.

Costume Collection Chest Edit

The Costume Collection Chest can be found in all major cities, often near the city's Waypoint. This Chest is used to dispose of costumes that cannot be "Dropped, Traded or Sold". Using it to destroy costumes comes with a benefit, too. Every costume you put in it will give you one random item, sometimes even an Box01 Andre's Costume Box.

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