Listed below are the various commands used to play Sword of the New World.

Keyboard Shortcuts Edit

Interface Edit

Keys Functions
Enter Open Chat Panel
ESC Quit Menu
PrintScreen Saves a .bmp screenshot to release/screenshot folder
Alt-A Opens Quest Log
Alt-E Opens Inventory and Team Leader's Character Details
Alt-I Opens Inventory
Alt-J Opens Jukebox
Alt-O Opens Options
Alt-R Opens Family Information
Alt-S Opens Team Leader's Stance
Alt-W Opens World Map
Alt-X Opens Pose List
Alt-Z Opens Zone Map
Alt-F Toggles entire User Interface
Alt-G Toggles Character Status
Alt-M Toggles Minimap
Alt-U Toggles Tool Bar
Alt-V Toggles Battle Commands

Team Control Edit

Keys Functions
F1, F2, F3 Select Characters 1, 2, or 3
Ctrl-A Select All Characters
Ctrl-E Set team to Defend Mode
Ctrl-H Set team to Hold Mode
Ctrl + Click Move to clicked spot in Assault Mode
Ctrl + Shift + Click Move to clicked spot in Harvest Mode
Spacebar Set team to Defend Mode
Ctrl + Spacebar Set team to Harvest Mode

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