Quest Series: Baek Ho
Quest Fight with Baek Ho
Quest Martial artist of the East
Quest Question about Fritz 1
Quest Question about Fritz 2
Quest Question about Fritz 3
Quest Question about Fritz 4
Quest Combat against Baek Ho
Port of Coimbra
Level: ???
Type: UPC Quest
Found: Gracielo (NPC)
Require: Quest Question about Fritz 4
Reward: 1x Card01 Baek Ho Character Card
3x Card01 EXP Card (10)
3x Polish Polish: Initiate

Summary Edit

  1. Speak with Baek Ho, found in City of Auch.
  2. Watch the fight between Baek Ho and the other martial artists.
  3. Speak with Baek Ho again.
  4. Bring 50x Mysterious Powder Mysterious Powders.

Dialogue Edit

Baek Ho:'ve come voluntarily? Stupid kids. Hang on, let me take care of my guest first.

Gertrude: Away from the matter of truth, I want to duel you for once.

Baek Ho: Woo, that's quite all right! Here I go!

Gertrude: Pretty strong. Rrrhhh..

Baek Ho: That's quite useful but not good enough!

Soso: Oh, it's you! A very cool inspector!

Baek Ho: What? You're that royal guard kid from the Katai faction?

Soso: Right, you're a goner this time!

Baek Ho: Hmmm, let's see if you've grown up a bit?

Baek Ho: Sorry.. kid.. You're still the same!

Irawain: It is not right for one to use the stance skills and boast with unnecessary animosity.

Irawain: I've already heard of your fame from Ciam. I am Irawain.

Baek Ho: Wow! you're Irawain? I've heard about you from my master too.

Baek Ho: I'm Baek Ho. So, we're supposed to duel, eh?

Irawain: Let's try, and we'll talk about Fritz then.

Baek Ho: A cool guy, eh? Good!

Baek Ho: Now it's my turn!

Irawain: Rrrhhh...that skill is..

Baek Ho: Oh, you know this skill?

Gracielo: Hey you! Let's go!

Irawain: Graciello! He really is Fritz's....

Gracielo: Shut up! Let's just fight!

Baek Ho: Forget the talk? I see, fine!

Gracielo: You fool!

Baek Ho: Oh, pretty good defense?

Baek Ho: Oh, that's true. Ah shoot! Then let me teach you my real skill!

Fritz: Hold it, Graciello.

Baek Ho: And who is this old man?

Graciello: You fool! This is Master Fritz!

Baek Ho: Oh? Lies! Ahahahaha...

Fritz: How is White Dragon, Baek Ho?

Baek Ho: Who are you? And how do you know my master's name?

Fritz: My name is Fritz. I'm the one who wrote the letter to White Dragon.

Fritz: I've asked him to send a disciple here myself.

Baek Ho: What the..

Montoro: Ah, I almost had him.

missing dialogue

Baek Ho: You fool! This is Master Fritz!

missing dialogue

Baek Ho: ?!

Montoro: Baek Ho, I'm sorry. But, you've certainly helped to get rid of the (dialogue cut off)

Baek Ho: I've been...used?

Montoro: I'm afraid I must stop since Fritz is here too. Well, I had fun.

Baek Ho: Oh how can I be..

Baek Ho: Oh, all this time.... I've been a jerk to innocent people?

>It seems you trully didn't know.

Baek Ho: How can I ever be forgiven now? How can I possibly take revenge on this abuser?

>Come pioneering with us.

Baek Ho: If that's the way to repent.... sure I'll do it. But, I must go back and ask for forgiveness. You are from the (Name) Family? I don't have much right now, but I'm going to pay off all of the (Name) Family's debts. Please, hear me out.

>I will accept the request.

Baek Ho: Bring me 50 Mysterious Powders, which is often used as a secondary money source. Then I'll give those Mysterious Powders out to the families I'm indebted to. Please, help me, (Name) Family.

>Give 50 Mysterious Powders.

Baek Ho: Thank you so much! I, Baek Ho of the East, commit myself to the (Name) Family from now on!

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