Coimbra Showdown
Coimbra Showdown
Basic Info
Level: 40
Part of: UPC Quests
Reward: none


NOTE: Quest is automatically given upon completing Quest Hungry Hungry Gracielo!

1. Travel to Coimbra. Set Gracielo as the leader of your party.

2. Run towards the observation deck at F-8.

  • After running up the stairs, you will get a cutscene.

3. Using your Scout's bard stance, buff your party with Insistendo (+attack) and Meditativo (hp/sp regen)

4. Move forward to initiate the battle with three thugs and Fritz.

  • Upon entering, Gracielo will solo this fight while other party members remain invisible.

5. Defeat the enemies.

  • Next quest will now activate.

Battle Strategy Edit

Gracielo must be the leader to begin this quest. To make him leader, double-click on Gracielo at the bottom-left screen for a blue light to appear above his stats.

  • If Gracielo is level 40-45, be sure to have approx. 4-8 hp healing potions (500+)
  • Using the Scout's bard stance, buff the party with Insistendo (+attack) and Meditativo (hp/sp regen) prior to entering the battle.
  • Use Side Kick whenever possible. Otherwise, not too difficult to win.

Following QuestEdit

Quest Making Amends with Camille, the Grocer

Updated June 12, 2010

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