Character Cards are often rewarded by specific NPCs (often known as UPCs) throughout Granado Espada, granting you the ability to create that character as one of your own family members. In order to add them to your family, these UPCs will ask you to complete a series of quests. Some of these quests are more difficult than others.

Most Character Cards are tradeable, meaning you can buy them on the Market or trade directly with other players.

List of Character Cards Edit

Card Name
Card01 Auch Infantry Character Card
Card01 Catherine Character Card
Card01 Idge Imbrulia Character Card
Card01 Irawain Card
Card01 M'Boma Character Card
Card01 Panfilo de Narvaez Character Card
Card01 Reboldeaux Soldier Character Card
Card01 Soho Character Card
Card01 Soso Character Card

See Also: List of UPC Quests

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