Levels Edit

In Granado Espada, your characters will start at level 1 and max out at level 100. Once level 100 is reached, your character can be promoted to Veteran status, increasing their fighting statistics (ATK and DEF Rating) and giving them one point to increase any single Statistic (STR, DEX, etc.). After achieving Veteran status, your character can gain more experience, allowing them to promote to Expert status once the experience bar reaches 100%. Expert is much like Veteran in that it further increases Combat Ratings (ATK Rating, DEF Rating) and gives one more point to increase any Statistic.

Primary Statistics Edit

There are six character statistics that influence combat: Strength, Agility, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Charisma. The statistics seen at character creation are set in stone until you achieve Veteran and Expert levels, each of which give you one point to increase the statistic of your choice.

Know that not all statistics are beneficial to all characters.

Secondary Statistics Edit

Beyond the typical stats listed above, you have multiple secondary statistics, many of which are influenced by your primary statistics. These consist of Attack statistics, Defense statistics, and Resistances.

Status Effects Edit

Status Effects come in various forms and can be beneficial, hurtful, or both.

Visual Appearance Edit

Only body armor and weapons affect your visual appearance...until you can begin acquiring costumes. When worn, costumes overwrite your visual appearance, allowing you to keep a favorite look without giving up the improved statistics of better armor. Costumes also provide more customization options: hats, hair styles, accessories, back packs, wings, and more.

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