Cayenne, the Assistant

Quests Edit

Quest Level
Quest Help Kamen Clean Up The Place  ??

Services Edit

Cayenne will give you unique equipment in exchange for a specific weapon and various items found in Dr. Torsche's Mansion. The required weapons can all be purchased from merchants in The Port of Coimbra.

Most equipment requires the following (Cayenne Slayer and Cayenne Rifle require double the amount):

Caution: You are only allowed to make each item once.

Equipment Type Also Requires
Sword006 Cayenne Longsword Sword 1x Sword004 Knight Sword
Sabre005 Cayenne Blade Sabre 1x Sabre003 Karabela
Rapier003 Cayenne Rapier Rapier 1x Rapier001 Fleuret
Dagger006 Cayenne Dagger Dagger 1x Dagger005 Cinquedea
GreatSword005 Cayenne Slayer Greatsword 1x GreatSword002 Flamberge
Rifle004 Cayenne Rifle Rifle 1x Rifle003 .34 Cal. Brown Bess
Pistol004 Cayenne Handgun Pistol 1x Pistol002 Golden Maiden
BraceletF003 Cayenne Bracelet of Fire Bracelet of Fire 1x BraceletF002 Hellfire Bracelet (40)
BraceletI003 Cayenne Bracelet of Ice Bracelet of Ice 1x BraceletI002 Tempest Bracelet (40)
BraceletL003 Cayenne Bracelet of Lightning Bracelet of Lightning 1x BraceletL002 Bracelet of Thunder (40)

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