Catherine (NPC)
Catherine 003

Catherine (Combat)

Catherine1 Dr. Torsche's daughter. She died when she was just a child but Dr. Torsche created an automated robot to revive her. She can use most stances.
STR 5/8
DEX 5/8
INT 5/8
Level 1
Innate Skill none
Weapons Dagger002 Daggers
Sword001 Swords
Sabre005 Sabres
Rapier001 Rapiers
MainGauche001 Main-Gauches
GreatSword001 Greatswords
Polearm002 Polearms
Blunt001 Blunt Weapons
Pistol001 Pistols
Rifle001 Rifles
Bayonet001 Bayonets
Shotgun001 Shotguns
Rod002 Rods
Staff003 Staves
BraceletF002 Bracelets of Fire
BraceletI002 Bracelets of Ice
BraceletL002 Bracelets of Lightning
BraceletS001 Bracelets of the Elemental Lord
BraceletS001 Skullic Bracers
Armor Leather002 Leather Armor (STR only)
Coat002 Coats (DEX only)
Robe008 Robes (INT only)
Shield003 Shields
Costumes Catherine03 Von Trapp Costume
Catherine04 Von Trapp Hat
  • All versions of Catherine (Combat) can equip Leather Gloves and Shoes.

Stances Edit

Stance Main Hand Off Hand Level
Bareknuckle Bareknuckle --- --- start
Guard Back Back-Guard Sword Shield¹ 1
HackandSlash Hack and Slash Sword Sword 12
Guard High High-Guard Sword Shield 12
HeavenandHell Heaven and Hell Sword Pistol 40
Garde Epee Epee Garde Rapier --- 48
Garde Sabre Sabre Garde Rapier --- 48
Garde MainGauche Main-Gauche Garde Rapier Main-Gauche 60
Guard Middle Middle-Guard Sabre --- 12
TwinBlades Twin Blades Sabre Sabre 36
Guard Plow Plow-Guard Great Sword --- 24
Guard Tail Tail-Guard Great Sword --- 48
Guard Roof Roof-Guard Great Sword --- 36
Cruz Blandir Blandir Cruz Polearm --- 24
Cruz Penetrar Penetrar Cruz Polearm --- 24
Escrima Escrima Dagger --- 1
DobaladaCorte Dobalada Corte Dagger Dagger 48
Shot Aiming Aiming Shot Pistol --- 24
Shot Freestyle Freestyle Shot Pistol --- 24
Shot DoubleGun Double-Gun Shot Pistol Pistol 36
Shot Standing Standing Shot Rifle --- 1
Shot Kneeling Kneeling Shot Rifle --- 24
Blaster Shotgun Shotgun Blaster Shotgun --- 48
Psychokinesis Psychokinesis Rod --- 1
ESP ESP Rod --- 20
TheIllusionist The Illusionist Staff --- 36
Fire Possession Possession Fire Bracelet of Fire² Bracelet of Fire¹³ 1
Fire Evocation Evocation Fire Bracelet of Fire Bracelet of Fire³ 30
Ice Possession Possession Ice Bracelet of Ice² Bracelet of Ice¹³ 1
Ice Evocation Evocation Ice Bracelet of Ice Bracelet of Ice³ 30
Lightning Possession Possession Lightning Bracelet of Lighting² Bracelet of Lightning¹³ 1
Lightning Evocation Evocation Lightning Bracelet of Lighting Bracelet of Lighting³ 30
The Elemental Lord Elemental Lord Bracelet of the
Elemental Lord
--- 72

¹This equipment is optional.
²Can be replaced with a Bracelet of the Elemental Lord.
³Can be replaced with a Skullic Bracer.

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