Brunie Etienne's Errand
Brunie Etienne's Errand
Basic Info
NPC: Brunie Etienne
Level: 32
Part of: UPC Quests
Reward: 3 x Card01 EXP Card lv. 30

3 x Polish Polish: Novice


  • Speak to Brunie in Reboldeaux and agree to help her.
  • You need to find 8 Pack01 Hard Chalcedony, by breaking Casks in the Tetra Catacombs
  • Return to Brunie for your reward once you have 8 pieces


This quest will take a long time to complete, no matter how lucky you are. It is recommended that you take other quests in the same area (such as Carlos' Quest The Secret Export of Iron Ore or the Siegmund Hunt) to avoid boredom.

The casks themselves spawn everywhere in the Catacombs, but they have been found to spawn more frequently in the Siegmund rooms. A popular approach is to go to each Siegmund room, get the voucher from that Siegmund, and move on to the next, just attacking casks wherever they show up.


Quest Horn of the Gold-Horned Gargoyle

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