Nobody knows what is contained inside this box.

Possible items Edit

Bellem's boxes contains one of a specific item. The drop is random, and higher level items seems to be rare (though it may be due to the large number of low-level items it drops).

Known items that are dropped by them are:

  • All levels Enchantment Chips (Level 80+ doesn't seem to don't drop too often)
  • About any non-elite/fake unique equipment up to level 84 (Level 80+ are rare, yet again)
  • Unpolished, pieces, normal and high-quality gems (Sapphires, Ruby, Emerald)
  • Another Bellem's Box
  • Level 81, 83, 92 and 100 Spinnelles
  • Warp scrolls
  • Sealed chests keys
  • Missions
  • Most consumables sold in shops

Notes Edit

  • Those boxes are usually worth spamming, as they will often gives you way more than you spend for them, espcially with the large numbers of rare expensive items you can get from them to sell on the market. Beware that it's not worth it at all if you can't afford getting at least 100 of them.

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