Begin Pioneering
Begin Pioneering
Basic Info
NPC: Sir Lyndon
Level: 1
Part of: Pioneering Quests
Reward: 3 x Card01 EXP Card (1000 exp)

3 x Polish Polish: Initiate


  1. Speak to Sir Lyndon.
  2. Go to Jin Hee
  3. Speak to Domingo
  4. Return to Sir Lyndon


1. Speak to Sir Lyndon. He gives you a few of the Queen's weapons to use as a starting point, although with the Polish items you'll be receiving as rewards for these quests it is highly recommended that you use them for Ancestral Items, which will be much more of a benefit to you in your early levels.

For now, you need to take a certificate to the Chief Pioneering Officer Jin Hee.

Simultaneous QuestEdit

Before you leave, it is recommended you take the opportunity to take the Quest Basic Combat Education quest from the Combat Instructor standing next to Lyndon.

Once you have completed the above quest, leave the Office of Pioneering support to find the Chief Officer.

2. Speak to Jin Hee. She is right in front of you as you leave the Office. Read her dialogue and she will tell you to go see Domingo, and help a few other Reboldeaux Citizens as well, but we will do them seperately. For more information about their quests, see the followup section.

3. Speak to Domingo, who will issue you with a license.

5. Return to Sir Lyndon and he will give you your reward of EXP Cards and Polish: Adept. He will also send you on the next Pioneering Quest.

The Experience Cards can be used by a character of any level, you'll get a lot of them through quests, but soon they'll start to have required levels to use them. As for the Polish, you will find it on your Premium Items/Misc tab. You can exchange them for Pioneering Equipment.


Quest Cleaning the Stonepit

Simultaneous QuestsEdit

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