The City of Auch
Level: 17
Type: UPC Quest
Found: Location Storage Soldier
Require: ???
Reward: 1x Card01 Auch Infantry Character Card
3x Polish Polish: Novice

Summary Edit

  1. Speak to the Location Storage Soldier in the City of Auch.
  2. Choose the option "Battle the soldiers of the City of Auch".
  3. Defeat all the soldiers.
  4. Return to the soldier for your reward.

Walkthrough Edit

You will be teleported to an instance where you will stand surrounded by 10 Auch Riflemen. As you defeat them one by one, they are replaced with more soldiers, and at times they will start to spawn with more than one in a single space. In total, you have to defeat around 30-40 of these soldiers.

  • When the soldiers start bunching up, try using some simple AoE spells like Fireball Fireball or Covering Fire Covering Fire
  • Knockdown skills may be useful if you are of a low level, but the soldiers are individually quite easy to defeat. The difficulty lies in withstanding the attacks from 10 of them at once. Beef up your defence and bring a healing scout if available, or take plenty of healing potions.
  • As all your opponents are constantly stationary, it may actually be easier to complete this quest with a team who is also capable of attacking at range. This quest has been completed using a Musketeer, Scout and Elementalist, and by making use of the skills available there was no difficulty or delay waiting to reach a faraway target.

Dialogue Edit

Missing dialogue.

Auch Infantry: It's remarkable that you've defeated us! We'll help you, since this place is very dangerous. You may call upon us whenever you need our help.

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