Basic Combat Education
Basic Combat Education
Basic Info
NPC: Basic Combat Instructor
Level: 1
Part of: UPC Quests
Reward: Reboldeaux Soldier Card01 Character Card


  1. Speak to the Basic Combat Instructor in the Reboldeaux Office of Pioneering Support
  2. Choose to learn for yourself
  3. Defeat five sparring partners
  4. Return for your reward


1. Speak with the Combat Instructor and read through all the information he has to give you.

2. Choose his final option, which is that you will learn by yourself. He challenges you to defeat five sparring partners and return to him, and you will be teleported to an instance.

3. Travel North through the training grounds, defeating sparring partners as you go. There's no point attempting to level up with these enemies as the don't appear to award you with experience. On your way to the exit, speak with the instrcutor NPCs if you need any advice about the combat system.

4. When you have defeated five opponents, head far north to the exit, speak with the Exit Guard and leave.

5. Claim your reward from the Combat Instructor.

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