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On the Baron PVP Servers (Bristia and Illier), players are capable of forcing other families into PvP combat. If successful in killing a family, the attacking player becomes a "Baron". Baron Mode comes with it's advantages and disadvantages, as well as a host of rules governing not just Barons, but also "Force Attacking", defending against Barons, and assisting Barons/defenders.

Baron Edit

1 +5% ATK/-5% DEF 1
2 +10% ATK/-10% DEF 2,500
3 +15% ATK/-15% DEF 5,000
4 +20% ATK/-20% DEF 10,000
5 +25% ATK/-25% DEF 20,000

Baron Level and Points Edit

Whenever you successfully kill a family, you gain Baron Points equivalent to the level of each family member killed, except when starting Baron Mode (you gain 2,000 points in addition to what you would have normally gained). The Baron Points you accumulate are used to determine your Baron Level, which itself determines two things: the strength of your Baron's Will buff/debuff, and the unique Baron Back Costumes you can acquire.

Becoming a Baron Edit

To become a Baron, you must successfully kill another family that is not already in Baron Mode. This is accomplished by right-clicking someone's family member and selecting "Force PK", which will allow you to engage them in combat. Upon their death (assuming you win the fight), you will become a Baron.

  • You can only "Force PK" a family with a Family Level of 5 or higher.
  • "Force PK" can only be selected in zones outside of cities and towns.

Leaving Baron Mode Edit

Leaving Baron Mode is not complicated - simply reduce your Baron Points to zero. While killing families increases your Baron Points, killing monsters reduces them by an amount determined by the level of the monster.

Life as a Killer Edit

The entire game changes once you've become a Baron:

Starting Location - The default starting location will be set to Los Toldos, returning to what it was only after leaving Baron Mode.

PvP Loot - You will drop random unequipped items from your inventory (not stored items) when killed by other families, which they can then loot. Entire stacks of items will not be dropped - one tactic is to carry large stacks of cheap items to reduce the chance of losing expensive items.

Killer Reputation - Many NPCs will no longer interact with you.

Vigilante Justice - Other families can attack you without becoming Barons themselves.

Defending Edit

Hunting Edit

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