Quest Giver Najib Sharif
Min. Level 55
Requires Quest Swamp Monkey Pigment
Rewards  ???

Step 1: Go to Vera Edit

Najib has another customer, a Targan noble, who wishes to give his child a Kaleidoscope. Unfortunately, the Office of Pioneering Support has banned importing "this kind of luxury". Najib believes someone probably imported such an item before it was banned, and thinks you might be able to trade for it using an Pack01 Old Pot of his. He also thinks Vera might know something about where to find the Kaleidoscope. She can be found near Andre Janzur, opposite of his admirers.

Step 2: Find a serious looking person Edit

Vera suggests you talk to Greg in Port of Coimbra. He can be found down the road from the Sea Elephant Cafe where Lisa Lynway works.

Step 3: Old Wine Edit

Greg likes the Old Pot you bring him, but finds it "too old and unpolished" to be worth trading for a Kaleidoscope alone. He asks you to bring him 30x casks of Template:Old Wine from the Zavi di Gavis and Dumanons found in Porto Bello, The Hold.

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