Angel Fruit
Angel Fruit
Basic Info
NPC: Lisa Lynway
Level: 24
Part of: UPC Quests
Reward: Coimbra Trooper Card01 Character Card

3 x Polish Polish: Novice

Template:Avocado Sandwich


  • Talk to Lisa and agree to help her
  • Go to King's Garden and find the Avocado Tree
  • Go near it and choose to pick an avocado
  • Return to Lisa for your reward


The Avocado tree can be found close to the entrance to King's Garden. If you leave the Port of Coimbra through the Nimraldi Bridge and head to King's Garden from there, you won't even get the skeleton's snapping at your heels!

Otheriwse this quest is very simple. Just go near the tree and a dialogue box will pop up. Pick an avocado and you're done!


Quest Chocolate Girl

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