Pack Blue

Look your best! Andre's School Pack includes: Fighter School Uniform, Scout School Uniform, Musketeer School Uniform, Wizard School Uniform, Elementalist School Uniform and 5 Andre Costume Boxes.

(School Uniform names have changed since 2.4.16, and the text doesn't mention "ivory")

Like most packages, purchasing this item does not give you a "box" item to open, but instead deposits all individual items into the appropriate inventories.

Found Premium Item Merchant
Cost 3,980 G

Contains Edit

Name Amount
School002 Ivory Fighter School Uniform 1
School002 Ivory Musketeer School Uniform 1
School002 Ivory Scout School Uniform 1
School002 Ivory Wizard School Uniform 1
School002 Ivory Elementalist School Uniform 1
Box01 Andre's Costume Box 5

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